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the photographer

Specialising in anonymous photography of everyday people, with a dark, erotic overtone.

Chris is a photographer based in the South-West Midlands, UK with a keen interest in the erotic arts and the medium of photography in general.

personal statement

Fine art, like the bodies it captures, can take many forms; the ability to create my own fine art with an erotic twist is something for which I am truly grateful.

For years I searched for a style of my own, always looking at the work of those around me, though I soon realised that photographic art is the ability to see, capture and display something of your own vision, for others to then appreciate.

I aim to capture what I feel is beautiful, and what I hope will deliver to the viewer a breath of fresh air – and something eye opening.

My photographic work is produced through inspiration and vision – those who cannot see the effort and structure in my portfolio for the simple beauty it displays are the very people who should disregard it. For the true appreciators, I hope you enjoy my efforts.

want to model?

Chris is currently working on a number of new series' of photos in the high glamour nudes and dark erotica genres, developing many new ideas and finding inspiration in the people and models he meets on test shoots along the way.

Chris prides himself on being able to work with amateurs and seasoned-professionals alike, with many of his photos being anonymous photos of everyday people, many on their first ever shoot; if you're willing, open minded and can appreciate good sense of aesthetic, it may be for you.

Anyone interested in working with Chris while he develops ideas or even for the final shoots is welcome to get in touch and provide as much information as they can.


Chris is the resident photographer as well as the designer and web-developer for SomethingDark webMagazine, a place for avant-garde art, photography and writing with a distinctive edge.

> Visit: Chris' contributor profile on SDk

> Visit: SomethingDark webMagazine

commission pieces

At the moment Chris doesn't have time for commissions, though may be interested in certain collaborations.