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model references

Chris has worked with a number of models, both amateur and professional. Below are some of the references received by those models, giving an insight into Chris and his work.

Had an amazing first shoot with Chris on Saturday. Pre shoot comms were spot on and we discussed ideas in advance. The shoot itself was chilled, relaxed, random and at times down right crazy. Chris was great fun to work with :) and is full of creative ideas; every set was vastly different. Looking forward to working with him again (when it warms up for an outdoor shoot). I would highly recommend Chris. Thank you :) - Cassy Marie

Had the most spiffing day shooting with this creative genius. I'm still thinking about it now.

It's hard to put into words how amazing working with this incredible man is. Chris is just shit hot awesome in every single way, as a person and a photographer.

He is my kind of dark and completely wonderful. He is my favourite, he is incomparable.

I can't wait until the next time and the next and the next.. - Lila DeWitt

Well, where do I start?

So I managed to persuade Chris to work with me and shoot for a site that he had never heard of and he smashed it!

I turned up with some kind of ideas, and with our heads together, we managed to make some awesome sets of images! I'm so, so happy with them!

Hes a very talented man and got the pictures really quick! We had such a laugh, hes so down to earth and easy to work with!

Thanks so much Chris!

100% Recommended! - Lottii Rose

Had an amazing shoot with Chris yesterday. Pre shoot comms were fantastic and I knew what was planned.

Chris made me feel at ease, gave great direction and was full of fab ideas.

The images on the camera looked pretty amazing and I'm very excited to see the finished pictures.

I'd recommend Chris 110% and hope for another shoot in 2017 when I've learnt to look less like a psycho when having a portrait taken :) - Blondielockz

Had an incredibly impromptu and short shoot with Chris last week.

We didn't have a lot of time, but in the time we had we got some great images. Chris was an absolute pleasure to shoot with and I can't wait to shoot with him again, hopefully for longer next time - Lilla H

Words tend to escape me when it comes to writing references - even more so when it is for someone as awesome as this guy! After the last amazing shoot my confidence went sky high and I wanted to shoot again! I kind of knew what I wanted but couldn't ever put it in to words - the bar was set so high last time! But as he's that special kinda crazy he knew exactly where to go with the shoot and the results are phenomenal!

Would thoroughly recommend this creative machine to anyone as I think shooting with Chris should be on every models bucket list! So much excitement from this shoot.. We're already planning the next! Bring it on.. It's gonna be a blast! - Michaela Jay

Had an incredibly impromptu and short shoot with Chris last week.

We didn't have a lot of time, but in the time we had we got some great images. Chris was an absolute pleasure to shoot with and I can't wait to shoot with him again, hopefully for longer next time - Lilla H

Last week I had the most amazing shoot with Chris and I'm still buzzing from it now!

It took a few months of planning but the communication was brilliant and we were definitely on the same page for what we wanted to achieve.

So I turned up at his lovely home, had a cup of coffee while we looked through the shoot plan, put some music on and then got straight to it. I instantly felt relaxed around Chris, the conversation flowed easily and the atmosphere was very creative. We got through so many ideas, I still can't quite believe it! We started with portraits and nudes, then some lamp work! Then bodyscapes with bones, dirt and smoke (thank you for not burning me!) and finished with a bath! What more could a girl want eh?!

Chris is very professional, genuine and really knows his stuff.

I can't recommend him enough!

Can't wait for the next shoot (whenever that may be!)

Thank you for a wonderful day! - Cyan

I did a shoot with Chris yesterday and it was amazing! I've only modelled on a few occasions as I mainly do it to learn more about being on the other side of the lens (usually I'm the photographer) but I felt so comfortable within minutes.

I wanted to work with Chris as I knew I could give him a very vague outline on what sort of thing I wanted to do and he'd make it work.. And he definitely did! From what I've seen so far I'm amazed!

He's a true creative, a real gent and overall an awesome person.. If you ever get a chance to shoot with Chris - don't hesitate at all! - Michaela Jay

Chris.... Cookie! What a dude!

We'd been saying for far too blooming long we'd do something, Finally we got our shiz together and we did some totally random stuff with both of us shooting, and both modelling as well.

This guy is just so cool.... Pillow punch me into next week.... Come on then!

Communications are great, he's great company, and an epic photographer.

Mahoooooosively recommended. - Diego

It was an absolute pleasure to work with this fantastic human; as those before me have said, Chris has such a genuine demeanour and a real passion for his photography.

He has so many magnificent ideas for images, a true creative, and he communicates them perfectly to ensure we both get the best out of the shoot.

He has an infectiously warm personality, a wonderful sense of humour, and a joie de vivre rivalled by few; I am sincerely looking forward to the next time we shoot together!

Plus he makes a mean cup of coffee and even has soya milk on hand so I don't have to bring my own..top chap!

I can't recommend this awesome, if slightly wacky, photographer enough, he truly is a joy to work with! - Shan Louise

I've known Chris for ages, but we've never managed to shoot together, before now. I love Chris' work and knew we'd get cracking images together! I was a bit worried when he said he wanted to do portraits (as I'm a gurner really), but a short and very relaxed shoot changed my mind. We didn't take that many images, but have produced some beautiful shots and I'm looking forward to the next time we shoot together. Highly recommended. - Oryx

Finally got the chance to shoot with Chris today and already looking forward to our next! What a lovely guy! His pre shoot comms were awesome and he had lots of idea's for our shoot!

He's professional, fun, friendly and only a little bit weird, I even received images from our shoot before I arrived home and their amazing!!

Cant wait to work with him again! - Enna Victoria

I got to shoot with this mesmerising photographer whilst I visited Graeme's house at the end of March....he had wowed me with his thoughtful & raw photography for a good while before, so when we finally got to shoot, damn it was amazing!

He is so creatively in tune with his camera, using lighting techniques that were both mad & innovative, ideas spilling out beautifully as he drew inspiration from the surroundings and scenes...he introduced me to new genres, always making it fun and remaining professional, he's gotta be one of my fave photographers to work with, what an awesome dude!

I cannot recommend Chris enough to all, its so breathtaking to see him in action and the images he captures tell a story....much respect =) - Jezebelle

Chris is an amazing photographer, very creative with some great ideas and angles. He is also very down to Earth and I felt very comfortable and at ease working with him. His pictures are fantastic! Would love to arrange another shoot with him and would highly recommend - Electric Nymph

This man is an absolute legend. The stuff of dreams (seriously!), an eye for incredible detail, a talent for homemade curry, a wave length so impressive, and a wicked sense of humour. What more could you want in a photographer? This Chris fellow must be worked with. Immediately. - Tinkerbella

Dont really know what to say, other than, flippin 'eck, shoot with this man, will be bloody awesome!

Shoot summary: drank tea, giggled, took some photos, ran naked round the hotel, looked at inspiration shots, drank more tea, more raucous laughter (and possibly took more pics)?

Genuinely, shooting with Chris was fun, easygoing and we got some awesome images. Already pestering him for another shoot!!

Highly recommended!! - Jynx

My shoot with Chris was one of my favourite shoots yet! Mainly because of how lovely Chris is as a person Smile He's incredibly respectful and kind, and made me feel really comfortable.

He's full of unique ideas and has excellent pre-shoot communications. His beautiful gritty style stands out on Purpleport, and is really fun to shoot! He gives direction when needed, and let me flick through the photos he was taking.

I'd recommend him without hesitation to other models! I can't wait till my next shoot with him - Mia Librium

Worked with Chris on my first art nude shoot, what a pleasure it was. Excellent pre-shoot communications as well as making me feel instantly comfortable at the shoot. Great photographer to throw creative and mad ideas around with. The shoot flowed effortlessly with ample tea breaks when needed. Quick turn around with images, which were brilliant. Would not hesitate to recommend. - Onym

Well this is going to be impossible, how do you describe someone that inspired you to be something better?

I mailed Chris out of the blue on his website to enquire about a nude shoot, first time for a standard girl. He was so lovely with his communication that I felt comfortable enough to drive the 200 miles to his home.

His shooting style, comfortable approach and ability to capture dark but natural shots was incredible. So much so that I've had the confidence to do more shoots and create my modelling profile.

Chris truly changed my life with the first shoot and I'll forever be truly grateful. Everyone that has 'loved' my pictures has him and to thank. - Carly Jayne

Years after first meeting Chris and wanting to collaborate I was finally able to do so and I was most definitely not let down. Chris had excellent pre shoot communication and a clear set of ideas. He made me feel comfortable pre shoot and during, as well as giving good direction when it was needed.

His turn around of images were quicker than anticipated and were brilliant in their content. I look forward to working with Chris again and recommend him to all whom are looking to add to their portfolio. - Nixie Phoria

Chris is just wonderfully yummy, a fab photographer with his own style and super fun to hang out with. We shot some couples erotica/lovey dovey stuff and he made us feel totally comfortable and got some incredible shots. Not afraid to hang upside-down or balance on bed rails to get the right shot. I WILL be shooting with this chappie again and you are daft as a brush if you don't. - Laura J Draycon

I worked with Chris for the second time at a day workshop hosted by Terry King.

Like the first time Chris was such good fun to shoot with, his energy and and personality is so infectious that you cannot help but have an absolute whale of a time!

He is a little bit of a nutter which is awesome as it means I had full reign over doing any kind of posing, weird, extreme, crazy etc.

Highly recommended and I hope to work with Chris again! - Ayla

I opened the door to my home with a big smile from Chris, what you see is what you get with him. Warm, genuine, unassuming, funny and sincere. I love his edgy images that provoke thought and challenge preconceptions, I love the angles he uses and the perspective and play on the narrative. He made me feel beautiful, (not easy at my age), he gave me confidence and made me feel very relaxed in his company.

He shoots with an unusual style, he likes to create something very different and that makes a shoot quite exciting, because you know the angles he uses will create something very special. He's just a lovely, kind, funny, warm and creative man, with a gentle way of directing that puts you at ease from the moment he lifts up the camera. I cant wait to see what magic he has created and would love the chance to work together again.

He a really lovely person to work with, when he left I felt like I'd made a friend, thats the kind of shoot I love to have. If you get a chance to work with Chris .... don't think, just say YES ! ....Thanks for a brilliant shoot Chris. - Feather

Chris, Chris, where to start... I'd admired Chris' work for a long time but was cautious about approaching him due to his style being so different from my own. I was delighted when he agreed to shoot me during my stay at his home while I was on tour. He was the perfect host - good food, good company, and didn't mind me spending hours in the bath. We had a few ideas beforehand but on the day it mostly went out of the window, in the best kind of way. Working with Chris was an amazing experience - he's so open, chilled out and easy-going, with plenty of mad chatter between shots, and he creates beautiful and mind-bending images seemingly without trying. The results are beyond what I imaged and I can't wait to see what we get up to next time. Very highly recommend - if you get the chance to shoot with him, grab it with both hands. - Sinopa Rin

Chris is the bees knees.
He is an amazing photographer and a valued friend, and when we work together magical stuff just seems to happen.
Such an easy guy to get along with and always full of ideas!
This time I managed to get us into an abandoned nightclub, apart from the grime, gooey stuff and urine smell, it was awesome...

With some laughs and stumbles along the way, we got some of the best images i've had to date yet. Absolutely awesome, and I know i'll be working with him again soon! - BarbieGoneWrong

Where to start...?!!

This guy is incredible!!

Chris is such a sweet and genuine guy with an awesome sense of humour, it was more like spending the day with a close friend really! We had so much fun and laughed pretty much constantly aha

Our shoot was so crazy and random and at one point involved carrying a chair around a park... As you do aha! The images I've seen so far are great and I really can't wait to see the rest.

My time with Chris has motivated and inspired me so much, not only with my modelling but also to do more of my own photography so I'm really grateful for that.

There is still a million and one ideas I'd love to shoot with this awesome guy so will hopefully get to work together again sometime (if he can put up with me again aha!)

Highly recommend!! Xxx

(Oh and he also bought me noodles!! Can't beat that haha!) - Bex

So, I had the pleasure of a shoot with this awesome man! Where do I begin? He kindly gave me a place to rest my head on my little journey over to the West Country... Getting there mid afternoon, we had a cuppa and got to work... I was very impressed with all Chris's self-made gadgets and the ideas he came up with. We managed to do a good few sets in a very short space of time... Had some food and did some more.

I was really delighted that Chris wanted to shoot with me, as it adds a whole new dynamic to my portfolio... From what I've already seen, I'm also very excited about the images that we managed to create...

Not only is Chris superb at what he does, but he is also a respectful and thoroughly lovely person... If you get the chance to shoot with him, go for it! You will not be disappointed! - Marianne Di Vine

What can I say!...........I anticipated this shoot with so much hope and excitement and I certainly wasn't wrong we had fabulous fun and produced some amazing pics and ideas, so many!!

Chris is an awesome guy, lovely, thoughtful, talented and enthused. We had an incredible time bouncing ideas around like two mental creative s!

He really brought the best out of me and encouraged the creative exhibitionist in me no end, my creative fire well and truly re lit!

Thank you Chris for a fantastic shoot, you are such a star!....look forward to many more. - Gypsy Wanderer

Chris is just the most awesome creature. Like a chameleon on every shoot he's able to adapt to the setting to make the models feel completely at ease. Luckily for us, he was working with two crazy models, and together we were unstoppable.

With only 2hours and a standard en suite room to work with, we all utilised the space brilliantly and pulled off some wicked stunts as well. In between each crisp, professionally poised shot was a massive grin and controlled chaos, which suited the 4 of us perfectly (as is our natural environment!).

So so excited to see the images, as the back of the camera had promised well. We love working with Chris, it's like a mini holiday away from all the mundane this world can bring. Already psyched for our next shoot together - thanks for much for travelling all the way to Bristol- can't wait for session 2!!! - Revolution

The wonderful Mr Cook! After our shoot in the summer, I have been hoping we'd get to work together again and last weekend, we got to. Along with Ellie Kellam and Charley Payne, we worked on a milk bath shoot and had so much fun.

Chris is brilliant at putting models at ease. He is funny, encouraging and generally a delight to work with. The pictures he took that day are awesome and I look forward to working with him again very soon (pretty please). - Harris

I have met Chris many times but never got to work with him until last weekend, it was a great shoot! Chris is really easy to work with and has so many ideas to guide the model etc.

He is a lovely, funny guy and is a very talented photographer, I would love to work with Chris again and would highly recommend him! - Charley Payne

If any shoot had the potential for chaos and arrest it was this one... But we were remarkably well behaved actually.

I had the pleasure of Chris's company for an evening on his recent visit to London, and spent the evening experimenting with lamps, being photobombed by the cat, and drowned in the bath, followed by a little late night fashion flashing around the local area. So much fun!!! Thanks Chris for an awesome shoot..we must do it again some time. - Marmalade

I had spoken to Chris for several months about arranging a shoot and we finally managed to arrange a date. We discussed ideas before hand so we knew what we wanted to achieve from the shoot, and he was really understanding about what i was happy doing. The shoot went so quickly as we were having so much fun experimenting and getting on so easily. Chris is such an easy guy to get on with and is ok with what you are comfortable doing, i would definately recommend Chris to other models, not only is he great to talk to but his work is fantastic, hopefully we can arrange another shoot soon x x - Gefallener Engel

Fantabulous shoot with Chris and model Cloudy.

Really dark and disturbing results from a really energetic and giggly afternoon.

Lovely laid-back bloke with murky depths he might let you glimpse, oh and you get photos to prove it wasn't all a dream.

Strap yourself in (on?) for a wild adventure through the dark damp corridors of your mind guided by The Cook. - SiriSim

I had an excellent shoot with chris with me and another model, He's great to work with and really friendly and easy to get along with. I felt really comfortable working with him and he has some really great ideas.The pictures I've seen so far are excellent. His pre-shoot communication was great. Can't recommend him enough. - Florian

So I think this was my fourth shoot with Chris which is a pretty good sign that the sessions are always a laugh and great fun and this one was no exception. We did a home shoot with another myself and another model and it was a fast moving shoot, Chris was clear about what we were shooting and pre-communication was excellent as usual. Can not recommend enough - Alexis Rose

With a mutual love of tea and cats, Chris and I were always going to get on well. We had such a brilliant day, shooting in a variety of locations and getting drenched by torrential rain! We shot in Hereford, using old railway tunnels, an awesome new bridge, the river and a local wood. I LOVE the results.

Chris is a complete gent and has a great sense of humour that puts one immediately at ease. He is full of awesome ideas and is utterly passionate about creating amazing images.

I can't wait to work with him again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any model. - Harris

I adore working with Chris, he is an absolute pleasure not only to work with but to be around in general. He is professional, considerate and knows how to make you feel at ease! Be it with music or terrible humor. He is always very prepared with loads of ideas, never makes you do anything you are uncomfortable with and takes into account all of your insecurities in order to either avoid or fix them.

Chris was the first photographer i worked with and he will always have a special place in my heart, not only for being my first photographer but also for being someone i admire greatly both in and out of the workplace.

Belle xoxo - Belle_Foxx

Had a enjoyable shoot with Chris this Saturday.

He's full of strange ideas and great fun to work with. As well as being pretty darn good with a camera too Smile He also bought pizza so he now owns my heart!

I look forward to working with him again. - Alisa Rae

I had what will be but the first shoot within a string of many with the inspiring and inspired Mr Cook.

Like no other, there was a quality to Chris that has left me unsatisfied with our all to short time together.

Oh how I earn for and need further opportunities to delve and explore with him the beautiful darkness.

Venturous and extreme I have found he who out does me without breaking a sweat on the shocking scale.

Excellent pre coms, not bothered about traveling and unflaggingly enthusiastic from start to finish.

Chris's just simply one of those people who you can not do justice to through words.

Undoubtedly better to gorge on his sumptuous portfolio and then contrive a means of meet him yourself.

Naturally talented in both the art and execution of photography I can not recommend him highly enough.

To shoot with Chris is to experience something profound which will leave you breathless.

So thank you dear heart for all that has been and all that is yet to come. - Cloudy

There is no underestimation when I say Chris is just amazement. I can't believe we've only worked together twice! Definitely on the same wavelength if you're into the macabre, dramatic and downright odd! Always great ideas and direction whilst encouraging of the model's input and creative direction, aaand respecting and working to the model's levels.

His professionalism really shines through not only in his images but also on 'set', with the perfect balance of work and play. Every time we shoot having water poured on me, he's thoughtful and ensures he's brought some warm water too! I can't imagine anyone not getting on with him, he's just fantastic. - Lianna Glass

Had a third shoot with Chris last week and well once again it was great fun. It was a home shoot at mine, as usual Chris and I had worked out a few basic shoot ideas before hand but once that was done we had so many more ideas to try. If you have a sense of humour and a positive attitude then you need to work with Chris - Alexis Rose

Had a shoot with Chris and Stuart a while back. We met up in Bristol for a joint project including shooting each other for a specific theme. God I can't remember having so much fun and laughing so much in ages.

Chris is an absolute great guy as a person and to work with. He went along with my story line and took some great images. He also gave me a lot of tips of how to set my camera having only started photography. Chris also took some brilliant images of me in some rotten garage and some couple shots with Stuart. I'm very happy with the results.

Absolute top notch guy, down to earth, professional and great fun to work with. Can't recommend Chris highly enough and sincerely hoping we can do something similar again. Thanks for an absolute awesome shoot. x - Akasha

Another shoot with Chris. He is awesome. I'm alright. We shot some pretty lingerie (yes, he asked me to put on clothes!) And we ended up with some awesome images!

Love Chris to bits- such a down to earth guy, super funny, a charmer and a good friend. - Katie Green

He d'man! A top bloke and a top photographer. Had my second shoot with Chris, and, like the first - as much fun as a truckload of hamsters. He knows his stuff, he mucks about, he takes great pictures, then he mucks about some more. I'm going to shoot with Chris loads. He completes me… - MrDarkside

Chris came to my home today and took some very lovely pretty images, some very sexy and erotic images too (of course)...

Chris is very approachable, explores ideas (his and your own...) and let's you do your own thing too! He's great fun to be around too, very chilled and relaxed! He arrived with lots of ideas but, we also went a bit off track too, which worked!

We lost count of how many sets we did and how many images we loved. I 100% recommend working with Chris - Katie Green

Chris, what a fun, delightful young man, full of great ideas. It was easy to be relaxed around him and he filled me with a lot of ease whilst shooting. He's very talented and knows what he's doing. I couldn't be happier with the results from our shoot. I'm very much looking forward to our next shoot which is in the works. EXCITED!!!

I highly recommend Chris. - Jayde Meg

I first met and shot with Chris in Cardiff at Storm's workshop the other week.

Although we didn't have a lot of time to work together, I got a great first impression from him, he was easy going, fun and polite.

Chris used the short amount of time to our advantage and managed to produce a good range of shots which we are both pleased with.

I am looking forward to working with Chris and his creative ideas again and I would happily recommend him to other models. - Robyn Brooke

I worked with Chris for a short amount of time during a workshop - during this time he was fun, polite and enjoyable to work with.

Chris is a creative chap and really easy to work with. Highly recommended. - Miss Erised

I had the pleasure of working with Chris during a recent workshop. Although we didn't have much time we managed to get lots done, Chris can definitely think on his feet and came up with loads of cool ideas, even using my favourite jammies in one photo!

I'm excited to work with Chris again in the future and would recommend him in a heartbeat! - Laika

Some say he is a photographer with a penchant for shooting work that he wants to shoot, well, and sod what people think...

Some say he's a model who's just beginning to have some fun and create some great images.

All we know is that he's called the Stig.

Well actually he's called Chris and I worked with him at a workshop with Storm yesterday. I'm not sure whether to give him a reference as a photographer or as a model because I got roped into being in some of his ideas that he wanted to shoot and I also shot him whilst he was photographing others. I also observed him working with another model and it is obvious that he takes the knowledge from one specialism to the other.

He's a pretty cool guy too. - Simply

So, I was invited to model for a tuition day, the night before I found out darling Cookey would be there and became even more excited!

This guy is an absolute pleasure to model with and model for. His professionalism when modelling was outstanding and his guidance when behind the camera was perfect.

When we were between shots and on a break his ability to create a rapport with myself and the other models was spot on. - Katie Green

Chris and I have become buddies through the monthly Gloucester social. We chatted about shooting each other, and on Saturday we made it happen. It was a top laugh running around in the mud under a motorway flyover and wandering around some gardens in a tuxedo. Chris is a cracking photographer and get some images that actually made me look pretty cool (this is no mean feat!) Top bloke and top photographer. - Regardez-Moi

Had my first shoot with Chris yesterday, was totally spiffing!

From our first message a while back I knew it would be a good shoot, and it definatly didn't disappoint! Excellent pre com's and happy to chat about shoot details, really relaxed yet professional atmosphere on shoot, and also hilarious, I don't think I've laughed so much on shoot before!

Also the images are of such a great standard, really couldn't ask for more, one of the best people ive worked with, already planning our next shoot! - Terra Flare

I don't normally leave two references, but Chris is a special case, and it's about 18 months since we first shot.

Every time we have shot together - I think it's about four or five times now - the experience has been a bit better. He is excellent to collaborate with as he comes very prepared but willing to take on board my input.

Impeccable shoot plan, great photography advise, awesome company and amazing shots.

Shoot with him. Now. - Ruby Klayton

Thankfully i got the chance to shoot with Mr Cook while i stayed in Cheltenham for a few days, i was already hooked on his concepts and style so was very excited to work with him.

Chris is a very funny guy, and so easy to get along with. We flew threw the ideas we had discussed with time left for more. Im very impressed with the result i've seen. Highly Recommend and hope i can work with Chris again some time soon. Thanks for the awesome shoot. - Luscious Lemons

We have been talking about shooting together for ages, and finally got around to doing it today. And i had such an amazing time. There wasn't a plan for the shoot, but what we did get i am so pleased with. Chris is a fun, laid back guy to work with, and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire shoot.

Really looking forward to working with him again :) - BarbieGoneWrong

Had a great shoot with Chris last week. He sorted out a fab location and came incredibly well prepared to the shoot with a range of props and clothing.

He had clear vision and ideas from the start making the shoot flow effortlessly! He is incredibly creative with his images and works tirelessly to find the best angles/lighting/poses to create some really wonderful shots.

Chris is also a very friendly and fun individual to work with, shooting with him is just so easy! I had a really wonderful day, highest recommendations :) - Lulu Lockhart

Working with Chris was awesomes sauce.

Lots of fun and produced brilliant results at the same time. Chris is creative and has a professional attitude, but knows how to have a laugh. His comms were really good! I knew exactly what we were doing, what to expect, what to bring, etc :)

I think we did some really awesome sets. - Lisa Violet

I had an awesome shoot with Chris. We planned what we were goimg to do ages before the actual shoot and passed ideas back and forth. It turned out we were both on the same 'page' and i think we created some really unusual photos.

I can not recomend him enough. He was such a joy to work with and full of ideas. Hopefully we will get to work together again. Do not pass up the chance to work with him if you can. - Freya

I had a brilliant shoot with Chris last week. He had lots of interesting ideas for images and some fantastic locations to shoot in mind. Chris was professional, very considerate of my 'exposure' at the locations, and also great fun to work with.

I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and would love to work with him again. - Rhi

I had an absolutely smashing shoot with Chris today! To sum it up he's awesome! Firstly his pre shoot communications were excellent, he was incredibly clear in what he wanted to shoot and came very well prepared with outfits and props on the day. He is a very talented photographer and able to work immediately with the location around him. He is also incredibly easy to get along with and was a real pleasure to not only shoot with but hang out with!

Chris is equally attentive to a models needs and made sure I was fed, watered and happy throughout the duration of our shoot! It was a real pleasure working with him, I had a great time working with him and I look forward to future projects together!! - Lulu Lockhart

I had a brilliant shoot with Chris, he's simply so delightful both in his personality and his work. Great pre- shoot communications, he was on time and polite, friendly and relaxed. Chris has a wicked sense of humour and we had a great laugh creating some edgy, moody and beautiful images during the shoot.

Chris has a great attitude towards models and his photography, showing enthusiasm, creativity and consideration throughout, and demonstrating his technical knowledge.

I would definitely highly recommend Chris to all and hope to see him again soon- was one of my favourite shoots! - Lizzie Bayliss

Chris was great fun to work with today. He is a lovely, relaxed photographer with a great sense of humour - an absolute pleasure to work with. His pre-shoot communications were excellent so I knew exactly what to expect and from what I've seen he's taken some fantastic shots.

I'd be delighted to work with Chris again and I'd happily recommend him to other models. - Becca Brown

Working with Chris is the closest I’ve yet experienced to working with a traditional artist; the creative and planning period was as enjoyable and easy as it was dark and disturbing. Clearly we share the same childhood repressions or something, because we were on the same wavelength from day one – and it took us to some strange and wonderful places. Once the camera was clicking, it was just a joy to work with Chris. His direction is precise and he truly welcomes spur-of-the-moment ideas. Indeed, the second half of the shoot saw us joined by the wonderful LiannaGlass, and one of her suggestions produced one of the day’s best shots.

All our resolves were tested by shooting near-naked, then fully naked, in water and outdoors on a 2° December day. Chris was clinically prepared for the shots and above all concerned for our welfare, capturing the images as quickly as possible and providing warm water (followed by hot drinks) to resuscitate us. The day stands as one of my favourite modelling memories, and the images among those I’m most proud of. Can’t wait to do it again! - Cocaine James

I have one word: WOW!

Chris initially contacted me before Christmas about shooting, and due to varying factors it has taken until now to shoot. But as the saying goes; good things come to those who wait.

Chris and I threw some ideas backwards and forwards and eventually settled on an art nudey / grubby / edgy style shoot. Something to benefit both of our portfolios. Most people talk about collaboration, I feel this is the closest I've come to a true collaboration. Chris sent me images as inspiration and we discussed these at length. What worked and what didn't. Our inspiration images steadily grew but kept things right on track. We referred to these throughout our shoot. It wasn't that we wanted ro replicate them, more that we wanted them as an idea to build on.

Chris scouted locations, and what fantastic locations they were. We played on an industrial estate - dodging lorry drivers and a weird couple who kept driving around! - and then went on to a beautiful bookshop and shot after hours. I want to thank Chris for keeping me inspired and excited (if you'll pardon the expression!) throughout the planning process and indeed the entire shoot. Chris is a true artist. He knows his stuff. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris to well everyone!

If you want to create some images which are also a piece of art, then Chris is your man!! Thank you Chris for reigniting my modelling passion! - Isabella Nash

Feel like me and Chris are two very socially awkward peas in a pod! He is full of ideas, and easier to get on with than he seems to think. Pre-shoot comms where brilliant, met up for a drink to chat about exactly what we wanted to do, he is incredibly organised and we easily moved from one shot to the next. The shots I have seen so far are fantastic, cannot wait to shoot again! - Ruby Klayton

I worked with Chris for a couple of hours this week at my home studio.

Chris was very organised with lots of specific ideas to work on which was really useful for me to get a good understanding of what we were gong to try to achieve on the shoot. His pre comms were perfect and the shoot was organised very quickly.

The time flew by on the day and I had a great time- the shot ideas were varied which was fun and Chris was great to work with! He was more than happy to hear my ideas too which led to a nice collaboration annnnd I think we got some really lovely shots!

Highly recommended! - Artemis Fauna

Chris is friendly, relaxed and lots of fun to work with as well as being very talented and passionate about his work! Definitely one of the good guys :) - Claire R-J

I worked with Chris right at the beginning of my career when I was still growing as an artist. I really appreciate his professionalism at that time when I was still not sure of where I was going with it all. We got some lovely images and he was very active in the creative process of the shoot. Would recommend. - Katy_T

Worked with Chris a number of times. Shoots are always fun and interesting, and he's easy to get along with. (And to top it all, he has adorable house rabbits!) - Quietly_Filthy

I have worked with Chris twice now and he's great to work with, easy going, fun and with plenty of inspiration and ideas. You are guaranteed to get great images from him. - Ruby Jewel

He is relaxed to work with and has some really great ideas. He has an obvious passion for what he does and I'm looking forward to having a go at some more of the ideas he has! - Elly

I had my first shoot with chris on saturday, he's awesome to work with and put up with my sniffles!! He's down to earth and brings his ideas along with him (which helps if u have a memory of a fish like me!!) Am very pleased with the results of my pics and cant wait to work with him again VERY soon! - Becs

Was a couple of years ago now that we worked together, but he was a really cool guy, no problems at all. Full of ideas! - Ulorin Vex

Its been a while since we worked together but Chris helped me find my confidence in front a camera. He is always full of ideas and was always happy to hear the models ideas too. - SanciaLux

Worked with Chris a while ago. Very fun guy and easy to work with. He has lot of energy and enthusiasm for his work. - Jenia_Corpus